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Recently we were asked to review a project which was bid by several contractors. Each group had different approaches to the construction repairs required for this 11, 483 sq ft home.

There were elements of this project which were related to construction defects and water intrusion as created by the previous contractors. Our client needed reassurance that this adventure would be one that unequivically corrected the problems. We guaranteed we would.   Our Team interviewed with the owner and provided a comprehensive bid to bring the home up to a state of repair that could defeat the questions of  a seller disclosure and make the home marketable against any other well maintained or new home. Our goal focused approach was one that no other group bidding the project  embraced, or even mentioned. We laid out the process of HOW the work is completed, and a Schedule of WHEN work would be completed, and ultimately how COSTsurprises would be handled. We do this up front every time. IS9xfj29agckm00000000000




We commenced on the large scale remodel of this exquisite home and completed the work inside the required timeline, with minimal added costs, as related to hidden issues not discovered until after selective demolition was completed. We worked open book with our client who was kept apprised of all activity on a weekly basis.

One strategy employed was  a scheduled weekly inspection  by Eden Prairie building officials who were an integral part of the overall review process and sign off credentials our work achieved. Working in full view of all interested parties, we completed the project on time and within 8% of the  the original budget.

Referrals Available upon Request .


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Teamwork Through Collaboration!




In February of this year Meritus Construction  met with Shapco Printing to discuss their pending move. We quickly realized the similarity of our respective  corporate cultures in the realm of customer satisfaction, and finishing strong. That was the easy part.

The challenge……

Prepare a printing company whose culture is built around Customer Satisfaction  and  move 90+k square feet of operations, while continuing to operate their business, and to do it in two locations, with  NO reduction of output or customer satisfaction. Oh,  and be Earth Friendly while doing it……….

A firm demand by Minnesota’s Most awarded Printer.





Week 1 Main  Press Floor 







The new facility was chosen for the size and continuity of space. The infrastructure for a printing operation was non existent. All aspects of support services were needed to be installed and operational in a matter of weeks to allow for the migration of Shapco’s equipment.  A Mandate From Joel Shapiro that All Equipment must be operational within days of arrival and sometimes within hours. To date we have installed approximately 3.7 miles of electrical, plumbing, air, and refrigerant services inside the building with multiple thousands of connections.  All this in anticipation of receiving Shapco’s printing equipment.  Multiple  machines, multiple manufacturers, specs, and operational nuances, are being overcome as each goes by. Meritus/Shapco Team are in daily communication to complete the work, and to maintain the sanctity of fulfilling orders, including press checks.


Week 2 More Deliveries and Prep:













Week 4 Client Press Checks! Safety First.




Clearly , Shapco is heavily invested into their Clients satisfaction and being an industry leader.


Week 6 Main Press Floor:



 More progress pics coming soon!

Meritus Construction 

Oakdale Gun Club




After several months of proofing, Oakdale Gun Club realized it needed an advocate for itself in the construction process, and  leadership in the Permitting, Financing, and Execution of Construction. Meritus Construction Management was hired as Owners Representative and Construction Manager.






Meritus began work on the project early in the process. Staving off an early start, and helping provide the Cost Basis for a funding vehicle secured by the club. Once in place Meritus re-entered the project at the redesign phase. Creating bidding documents, and working with the project Archtect and Engineer Meritus put the project out to bid.

The winning bid General Contractor provided all elements of the project to Meritus and OGC’s satisfaction.

After completing the blueprint detailing and engineering  required for the City of Lake Elmo and  upon approval of the redesign by the City and budget by Membership.  Meritus went into a project assembly  exercise.


The Challenge:

Complete construction while the club remained open, and complete all construction activity prior to the 7 days aweek public shooting time. Build a NO BLUE SKY apparatus for the 100 yard Range and the coveted Short Range. Do it all without a change in Base  Price.













A schedule was created once all lead time items had delivery dates, and we set off with our selected Contractor  to Build the Range Improvements.


Here is short video of part of the project.


If your Range or Gun Club needs help please feel free to contact us.

Buddhist Temple Roseville MN – Pre-Construction Work

Vietnamese Buddhist Association of MN .

Meritus was called into this project at a point in time when things had pretty much stalled with their other contractor.  We had a meeting, and agreed to take over the project. Meritus Construction  was now the contractor. Lead by Petar Poucki ( pouch-key);-)

While general architectural plans  and associated engineering plans were mostly complete, the project lacked civil drawings, Swppp plan, Alta survey, MEP plans and nothing  on Fire protection and some other documentation.

The previous group had pricing models which went from very low (unrealistic ) to very high (suspicious.)  those 2 explanations were the Buddhists words.

Meritus immediately engaged the required competencies to begin the completion of the required plans, engage MEP trades to define the requirements, and begin design so huge ducts would not be in the Temple Great Hall, and this was orchestrated with the Incumbent architect and Engineer, both of whom worked diligently at the pace aggressive we had set. I can’t say enough good things about ERA and Roehr Schmitt Architecture response time to our demands. The team  of Meritus, Roehr Schmitt Architecture, and Ericksen Roed  made this project work as well as it did.

Upon competitively bidding the project and assembling a REAL price , we realized that the Temple had not completed their financing. Meritus (Petar) helped line up a corporate attorney to perfect the Church’s corporate structure in a way that would allow their acquiring a loan under regular commercial lending standards. We engaged a title company to be part of the assembly process and guide us through the standards which would be required by underwriting. Meritus also sourced an underwriter to write the loan for the this  part of the project. This matter became tricky due to the early start condition the Buddhists were in when we found them. I was able to get this unravelled and lined up in a way it would all work. The BOD at the temple were under tremendous pressure to show progress due to the up and down nature of the previous engagement were being scrutinized by the members on all levels. We needed action fast, but it had to be the right action.

The construction loan closed and money deposited into the escrow account held by title, our completely developed plans were approved by the city of Roseville ,,,,,,,,,,. We started construction. Important to note, the final appraisal came in more favorably than they ever imagined which has allowed them to refinance into a better long term instrument.

Buddhist Temple – Roseville MN

Buddhist Temple – Roseville MN

Petar ( Meritus Construction ) was brought into a project that I had been working on which was in serious need of leadership from a construction aspect.  The project was very complex,  consisting of a new addition that was to be constructed in between three existing structures.  To add to the complexity, the new construction had a lower level built to the edge of the existing structures which undermined the existing foundations.  Also, only partial construction documents for the three existing buildings were available.  A number of critical items that should have started prior to that point in the design process were immediately initiated by Petar as he quickly took to a leadership position as the General Contractor.  The project had been slogging along slowly, but after Petar got involved it moved forward much faster and more smoothly.  As expected in this type of project (new/existing), there were many construction challenges.  Given these challenges, a short schedule, and a very tight construction budget, a successful project was ultimately delivered to the owner thanks to the hard work of Petar and the design team.  Petar was instrumental in the completion of this project and I hope to find myself teamed up with him again in the future.


James A. Krzoska, P.E.

Professional Engineer

Ericksen Roed and Associates

St. Paul, MN

Petar Poucki – Recommendation

Recommendation for Petar Poucki

I have known Petar Poucki for over five years and have worked with Petar on a number of real estate transactions.  Petar’s company provides construction consulting and general contractor services for commercial construction projects, build-outs, remodeling and expansion of existing retail and commercial buildings.

Petar has extensive knowledge, experience and a good reputation as a construction manager and general contractor.  He has worked in the construction field for  27 years.  Petar manages and runs his own company and he ‘gets-it’ and understands the business necessity for owners to know upfront the costs and deadlines involved.  Petal is diligent, trustworthy and organized. He works hard and it shows.

Ethical Self-reliant Individual: Petar is different from some others in his industry because he approaches his construction projects from the perspective of wanting to be a trusted advisor and consigliere for his clients.  Petar is really driven to bring value to his clients through his foresight, strategic planning and tenacious hard work.  It is not enough to simply build the project…Petar wants to build it better, more efficient and for less costs…He wants to do the job better, smarter and on-time.

Driven to Satisfy: Continued ongoing relationships and total client satisfaction are critical motivating factors for Petar.  I have personally observed Petar give 110% to resolve problems and build consensus on projects.  This ‘trait’ is hard-wired into Petar’s DNA, and can be extremely important because in the world of construction, unanticipated obstacles and difficulties are part of the process, notwithstanding all of the good planning and organization that goes into a project at the beginning.

Proactive Problem-Solver: On one occasion Petar was beginning consultations with a non-profit organization which had previously started construction before Petar’s involvement.  After work had begun, the non-profit decided to expand the scope of the improvements and to obtain construction financing from a third-party lender.  In Minnesota, mechanic’s liens relate back in time to the “first item of visible improvement” on a project.  Petar asked me to come to the non-profit’s board meeting to help him to explain the necessity of providing ‘early-start’ title insurance coverage for the new lender, and what construction documentation, plans and book-keeping records would be needed to get the lender covered as if they in fact had statutory priority of title…even though the actual priority of title had already been inadvertently trumped by the potential under Minnesota law for all of the past and future contractors and material suppliers to record a superior mechanic’s liens against the property.  Because of Petar’s background and experience, he was able to identify this unforeseen potential problem, realized its complexity and he knew the solution before it ever developed.  Based upon Petar’s recommendation the non-profit was able to navigate the early-start process and was able to successfully obtain desirable financing to complete its construction project. They overcame a problem that they did not even know that they had because of Petar’s proactive initiative.

I am pleased to give my recommendation and support to Petar Poucki.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.

// Jeffrey R. Peterson, Esq.

Commercial Partners Exchange Company, LLC and Commercial Partners Title, LLC

Tranquility Dental – St Louis Park

Michael Perpich, DDS

President Elect Minnesota Dental Association

Tranquility Dental

I have worked with builders in building a dental office and in 2 subsequent remodels. There is nobody better than Petar. In the building of Tranquility Dental Petar did a great job of managing timelines, resolving conflicts that came up during construction and producing a finished product that was outstanding. In addition, his follow up work after the project was complete has been excellent.


Whiting Clinic LASIK + Eye Care

 Whiting Clinic


A fine winter photo.

The Whiting Clinic LASIK + Eye Care project was a fun and challenging project.

Dr David Whiting had decided to re-fab an older irrelevant building into a modern eye care center. This project was on the fast track from the beginning. In only a few short months the project went from an idea to a building permit.

New Surgery Room

State of the Art


This project encompassed a complete gutting of the existing building, including the complete demolition of the eastern most 25%. The project has added significant value to the property and created a beautiful new building along the 394 corridor just west of Louisiana Ave in St Louis Park.

Demolition  Started in July with Build Back Construction not commencing until well into August with the center seeing patients in November. The task was daunting, the schedule condensed. The results are astounding. The interior of the building feels so much larger.

The building enjoys a new interior with a full length and height curtain wall. This area sheds natural light into the atrium and

waiting room areas. The second floor benefits from the open feeling of the new design. 

Demolition  Started in July with Build Back Construction not commencing until well into August with the center seeing patients in November. The task was daunting, the schedule condensed. The results are astounding. The interior of the building feels so much larger.



The building enjoys a new interior with a full length and height curtain wall. This area sheds natural light into the atrium and

waiting room areas. The second floor benefits from the open feeling of the new design.

More photo’s and information about this project will be posted shortly.

New Cheerful Waiting Room

4500 Abbott / Dallas TX/ Personal Reference

This is a personal reference for Meritus Construction Management
and particularly for the owner, Petar Poucki

My project was a ground up renovation of a completely run down
home in a great residential neighborhood of Dallas called Highland Park.

The Project:

After receiving bids from several GC’s and actually thinking we
had one in mind, Petar asked if he could look at the project. We thought ok why
not, but warned him we were feeling comfortable with another contractor. I
immediately recognized a difference in his questions regarding our expectations,
budget, architectural relationship, and time line. His questions went far
beyond the other bidders. He asked questions about our vision and plan, did we
have a contingency, what was our risk tolerance, expectations of quality of
life during the construction process. Frankly when he asked how my wife and I
make decisions, and if that process was stressful on us. We were stunned. We
had not considered either question. Then he asked what our exit strategy looked
like. We had to admit we didn’t have one. I knew by the quality of questions
that this was our man. After review of the property and after meeting on 2 more
occasions, Petar wrote a scope of work, schedule and contract that we
understood and our banking partner signed in a matter of days.

Petar spoke in plain terms, understood that I was not in the
business but also understood that I wanted and needed to fully understand what
would be done. Not just to hear about the work, but to know what was taking
place at my property and why. Petar also gave me realistic expectations of
timelines, budgets, pending challenges, code issues and challenges. We
did not have any Civil plans, thus we had no plan for site drainage and many other exterior details.
None of which  had occurred to me and were not even mentioned by the
other contractors. He factored these elements into the project.


As a side note:

The feeling I got from other contractors was that the less I knew
the better. Nobody actually said that but I did hear comments like “most
of this stuff you don’t need to know anyway” or ” we’ll let you know
if we run into any problems”, etc./ Petar’s approach was completely
different, transparent and very refreshing. He explained everything in the
detail I asked for, and when my wife needed reassurance he took the time to
speak eye to eye with her. He made sure that I knew exactly what I would be
paying for and why. This type of customer service is rare! Every person From Meritus Construction worked in the same manner.

The project took approximately (4) months to transform a
dilapidated 70’s home into an amazing contemporary showcase.


Some Really Important Operational Points To Mention:

  • Petar laid out the decisions we needed to make in order and by
    date as per the schedule with both soft and hard deadlines.
  • The Schedule and pace of the project, just enough time for decisions, and just enough speed to keep our banking commitments in check.
  • Each trade was asked to provide their selections, options and
    finishes at a time when we could still make adjustments to perfect our vision.
  • The building inspectors were handled with a basis of fact and
    finesse which allowed for all our between the lines conditions to be accepted
    the 1st time. ( the potential cost over runs due to code
    interpretations were in the tens of thousands- Meritus took the issues to the
    mat, made our case with the inspectors with facts, ordinances, code language
    and common sense standards to fit our design intent and not add costs)
  • The bidding process sampled the market. We hit the target with all
    budget assumptions made by Meritus, and actually added some items with money
  • In hindsight, the path created by Meritus and Petar was very
    predictable A fun and smooth running project.
  • I felt in charge as the owner. At once heard, respected, and in


Some financial Considerations:

  • The post construction appraisal came back at over $200k above our
    expectations. Simply put the fee paid to Meritus turned into a 3 fold net gain
    for my wife and I.
  • Time, Quality, Value. It is said you can only have 2 of the 3. I have to say we feel we received all 3 to the best that could be realized.
  • Petar kept an exit strategy in mind for us all along the way. This
    is an extremely important point since he guided us to make decisions which
    would leave us in what he called a “right side up situation” after
    construction, rather than tied to an albatross which we could not sell.
  • The fee Meritus charged never changed from the beginning. A
    contractual promise kept.

In Closing:

  • I can now say I fully understand and appreciate the OPEN BOOK
    process Meritus offers and highly recommend it to anyone entering a
    construction project.
  • Honest and good natured people do exist in the construction
  • We will use Meritus Again!

Please fell free to get my contact info from Petar if you would
like to speak with me directly about my project.

John Cunningham

Dallas TX




Z System’s Broker Testimonial

“In 2009, I represented Z Systems, Inc. in the purchase of a new building. It was clear that significant improvements would be required to have the property fit their needs. It was important to provide my client a contractor with whom I had great results and who could work with the situation to help make the deal work. My referral to Petar’s company was a great choice. The building sold, the client is happy and everything ended on a high note.” February 10, 2011

1st Rich Yablonsky, CCIM SIOR, President, YABLO Commercial Real Estate, LLC
was with another company when working with Petar at Strategic-Companies